Mountain Dulcimer

Me on Friday afternoon.

“I think I’ll go window shop the thrift stores. Not spend any money, just look. There are 5 thrift stores nearby.”

*visits first 3 and doesn’t buy anything*

*visits 4th and buys bedsheets for $3*

“Okay. I’m doing alright. We actually needed those.”

*goes to #5 and sees a stringed instrument that is pretty but doesn’t know what it is. It’s $45. finally puts it down and goes home *

*goes back to the store and offers the lady $35, which she refuses. Buys a pizza. Goes home and eats pizza with Mattie*

*goes back and buys the thing. it’s a mountain dulcimer.*

*goes to YouTube to find out what it’s supposed to sounds like and orders new strings for it*

So now I own a 1996 Dulcimer Factory DF1 Backpack mountain dulcimer that I don’t know how to play. But I watched several videos and I think its within the realm of something I can learn, so that’s okay.


Its pretty and the sound holes are leave and butterfly shaped. Its got a few scratches on the back of it, and there’s some sticky residue on the fretboard where someone had put stickers, but I can clean that off when I restring it.

I would love to be able to play this song. So pretty and so bluegrassy. 🙂 I love bluegrass music. <3

So Damned Tired

I’m going to blame the Zoloft because that’s all that has changed. Since I started taking it, I fall asleep by 11pm every night, wake up at 6am most mornings, and then take a 2 hour nap around 11am  and feel like I could easily sleep another two hours. I’m so tired all the time and I am hoping this passes in a few weeks because being this tired any time I am awake really sucks.

Yesterday I took my bag of donations to Grace Thrift and dropped them off, plus visited several other thrift stores in hopes of finding a great deal on something I could actually use. I found several yards still on the bolt of a cute flannel print I had bought years ago (but I didn’t need it so left it) and a huge bag of novelty yarns (all of the varieties I’ve recently gotten rid of because I hate them) and three bags of knitting needles (but they all looked mismatched). I didn’t come home with one single thing.

On the upside I have gotten more done in cleaning up my craft room. After donating that bag of stuff, I was able to throw away more trash and I sorted a few more items into the basket I’ve set aside for Tracy. I also finally found a table that I can use to both store my sewing machines, and take up less space in my craft room. This is the one I ordered.


It measure about 20″ deep by 39″ wide with the leaf down. With the leaf up, it measures 63″ wide, which is still smaller then my current folding table.


I plan to leave my Janome on the top of it all the time and store my Brother on the shelf inside the cabinet when I’m not using it since I don’t use it as much. I can keep my sewing books in the cabinet to the right and plus all my buttons and things like scissors, pins, tape measures, et cetera can all go into the trays inside the big door. The biggest appeal is of course it is smalled in every direction, so I will have more floor space in my room.

The only thing I will really need to find to make my craft room perfect is a good chair, but the cheapie folding chair I’m currently using does okay. Its not the worst but not the best either.

I have about a week before either my new craft table or my cubical shelves I ordered last week arrive, but expect new photos of my craft room once I get them and get them built and set up.

Getting Things Done & Oh! Look At That!

I started off today by going to the bank to have some paperwork faxed in for the debt consolidation loan I wanted to get. After that, I went grocery shopping, and then went to the library to check out the Friends of the Library sale and see if I could find any good craft books. I ended up finding 5 books that I paid a total of $2 for, so that made me pretty happy. Two of the books are more booklet than book, but they’re something I wanted so it works. I ended up with three crochet books, one with hundreds of cross stitch motifs, and a macrame book. The macrame book has some images of ancient examples of the knotty craft as well as some really cool stuff I’d actually like to make.


After that I went to the Grace Thrift store and found this beauty. I wish I could have taken her home with me!

I saw this really unfortunate scarf someone knitted or crocheted using both pompom yarn and faux fur yarn. Eek!


I didn’t see anything else I liked there so I went to the American Way thrift store next. I saw this microwave popcorn popper, which was just a big glass jar.


I also found at the thrift store a pair of acid yellow high heels. The shoes are less sunshine and more neon in person. I have no idea where I will ever wear them to but I could not leave them behind. I looked them up online when I got home and they are $90 shoes I paid $10. They’ve maybe been worn once. The soles are a little dirty but the insides are clean and the stickers are still on the soles.


After that, I got called back to the bank to sign my final paperwork to finish the loan process. They will disperse most of the money directly to the accounts I owe on, so I hardly have to do anything. I told Mattie I took out the loan explaining that a 11.5% interest rate is way better then the 19% and higher I’d be paying otherwise. He seemed to think negatively but I feel confident I did the right thing to save some money long term. Of course I’ll still be trying to pay up extra on the payments when I can, but I’m honestly not sure how often that will be feasible.

Not much else to say tonight. Mattie has pool tonight by himself and I’m going to watch some TV until he gets home. Night all!