• The Trip Home

    I had to fly home this morning and to say I was freaking out was an understatement. I had a mild panic attack at 6am in the airport, but made myself walk around and try to be touristy until I calmed down.

    We left really early and got me there at about a quarter til 6 and I got checked in, paid to check my bag, and started walking towards my gate. TSA passed me through and I got to skip most of the security crap (yay) and i realized my gate was the one at the very furthest end of the airport. I finally got there, realized I had about an hour until boarding, so I walked back down to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to get a bread roll with spinach and cheese to hopefully settle my stomach.

    I little while later I was on the place and had a window seat. There was no one in the middle and someone on the aisle seat. The plane had a lot of ups and downs and I was feeling really queasy. I finally had to go to the bathroom and go potty. Of course to do that I had to wake up the man who had the aisle seat so I felt kind bad.


    We arrived at San Francisco about fifteen minutes early and I was hungry but was still hoping for something bland in case my next flight made me sick too. I found a little deli place and got a toasted bagel with cream cheese. It was the most expensive bagel I’ve even eaten along with my $3 bottle of water from the Seattle airport I still had most of. The bagel taste good though and then it was almost time to board.

    This time they were boarding multiple planes form one gate and I had to walk down to the tarmac, across quite a ways, and then up a scaffolding kind of thing to my plane. This plane was much smaller with only 50 seats and the ride was bumpy. Really bumpy. But there was hardly any up down crap and I didn’t feel sick at all. There was a young puppy on the flight in the hold and she barked and cried the entire way.

    We got into Burbank a few minutes late and then I had to wait about ten minutes for my bags to come through. I had tied some hot pink yarn onto my bag to make it easy to identify since I figured there had to be a dozen plain black duffle bags on any given flight.

    I got my bag and stepped outside to look for Mattie. I started walking along the front of the airport and finally saw his car. He pulled forward and we were off. We stopped at Arby’s for lunch and after we got home I slept for 5 hours on the couch while Sashi alternately snuggled me and licked my face and ears.

    I am sad to leave Nikki but I’m so glad to be home again and see Mattie and my puppies. Sashi was fascinated by my blanket I made because Doofers had been sleeping under it all week so it smells like him.

    I had a great trip though and would be glad to do it again!

  • Tomorrow… See Ya!

    Tomorrow morning I leave bright and early (okay, dark and early) with Nikki to make the long drive up to Washington state where I will be staying for almost two weeks. We don’t have much planned but mostly I’m looking forward to spending some extended time with one of my best friends. I do have a trip to a yarn shop planned, and I’d like to do a few touristy things, but I’m not too picky what. Then on the 27th, I will fly back home and Mattie will pick me up at the Burbank airport.

    I’m more than a little nervous. I’ve never flown before and I’m really, really freaked out by planes. People have compared parts of flying to riding in elevators- I want to clarify that elevators make me want to throw up. It feels like the bottom is suddenly ripped away and its nauseating. My flight will take about 4 hours, including a layover that’s just over an hour, and then I will hopefully be on solid land again and looking for my Mattie to come and fetch me.

    2015-12-25 13.25.58The freezer is stocked with lots of meat, and there is frozen and canned veggies, and the dogs have plenty of food. We have lots of eggs, and some yogurt. I think Mattie should be all set for the time I’m gone and if he wants to eat other things, that’s fine too because he will be saving me money.

    Anyway, I’m super excited to be going and I’m looking forward to the trip. I’m leaving here tomorrow morning with a project bag full of yarn and I suspect when I come home it will have turned into an entire blanket. And I’m taking my tablet so I can get lots of reading done. Nikki will have to work so I need to amuse myself a bit while she’s gone, but I can do that.

    We’ve also decided that Mr. Bubblegum Monster Penis would like to travel with us! Maybe we can get some photos of him seeing the sights. 🙂

  • Life Goals (Well, A Goal Anyway)

    I’ve been doing some research and have decided that some time next year I would like to visit one of my closest friends who lives in Washington. Of course that costs money and I won’t be able to save enough to get there on my own until July. To help raise the money to visit my pretty lady, I’m offering 18% off of everything in my shop, including sale items. Everything. Just click on through to http://kittyloafdesigns.com and use coupon code CATOWASH at checkout. Easy peasy!

    I’m also doing the logical thing and begging for Christmas money instead of gifts to hopefully get the money together faster because I really don’t want to have to wait until July! Below are just a few of my makes you can buy in my shop.