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    The Rest!

    View this post on Instagram And the rest of my bounty, courtesy of the people of the internet, has arrived! Notebooks, scientific calculator, tablet case, pens, thumb drive, pencil sharpener, stickers. I cannot say thank you enough to the kind…

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    I’m not really angry anymore, but I am contemplating unfriending Mattie on Facebook, and his mom too. My curiosity got the better of me, and I went trolling back to his posts when he announced our breakup. There was rather…

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    Final Tally & A Tour

    Here’s what’s gone out of my craft room over the last week! Woohoo! No wonder my space feels better. Shopping bags of stuff donated – 15 – including almost 5 miles of yarn – 5 pounds of beads – 4…

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    Birthday Goodies

    Birthday goodies from my mom! I know she only spent about $30 but holy crap! So much stuff!

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    All The Things

    I’ve had another violin lesson with the lovely Faustina, and I still love it. Its challenging, but in a good way. My next (3rd) lesson is this Friday and while I’m struggling with my C note (2nd finger, 3rd string),…

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    Pictures & Words :p

    I’ve got lots of photos and plenty of words for you this time. This month is crazy busy with appointments because I got my surgery date (finally!) and will be getting my tubal ligation on the 20th. That means I’ve…

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    Organizing & Cleaning Oh My!

    I’ve been cleaning and organizing pretty much everything the last few days. I finally vacuumed my craft room, and I moved my dress forms into the bathroom since I’m not doing a lot of sewing right now and I don’t…

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    Hello! Or Something

    This morning we had the plumber out to take a look at three issues we were having with the water. We’ve had no cold water to the washer for months, which means I’ve had to fill the washer from the…