Terrible Day

I need to blow off some steam. Today was not a good day. At all. Excuse whatever errors are in my wall of text because I cannot be arsed to read it all again.

I woke up at 404am today because Tejony had to go potty. I put the doggos out, and couldn’t fall back asleep.

Just kind of lounged around until about 1130am, then I put clothes suitable for going out in public on, grabbed the package I needed to mail, and got in my car.

Drove to town. First stop was Lowe’s to pick up some small planters I ordered. The guy in front of me was a landscaper picking up for someone else… But he didn’t know their name. Spent ten minutes waiting for him to finally give the phone to the cashier. Eventually I got my stuff.

From there I went to the next town over to pull money from my bank. This is the money I made after selling some precious yarns before I found out the department of rehabilitation would pay for my Spanish textbook as well. I had used half of it to get myself back on top of some bills and I wanted some plants with some of the rest.

I leave the bank. I go to the post office and mail my package. It’s a bunch of graphic novels going to a juvenile detention facility. They benefit, but I to I benefit by reclaiming some space.

I have about an hour before I need to pick Perla up from work. I pop back by Lowe’s and track down a garden employee to ask about the roses the website says they have in stock.

She laughs and tells me they don’t actually carry anything that’s on the website. Uh… Then she tells me there’s a few roses left in clearance. I go over to look at the sad left behind roses.

Collect two rose bushes that are sunburnt but otherwise look decent. Collect 2 tiny houseplants. Go to checkout. The cashier needs a manager override for clearance. Ten minutes later, she finally shows up. She gets snarky when I want to pay with all the cash and change I have before putting the balance on my debit card. Grrr.

I load my plants into my car. I get in, put the car in reverse, and this stupid twat parks her car directly behind me in the aisle, and gets out to talk to another driver. I think about ramming her car. I drive a Saturn. My car is plastic. Maybe not. I honk. I do not get out and call her a rude bitch. She finally moves her car.

I get ready to back out and the big truck she was talking to pulls forward, almost blocking me in. That driver starts to yell at the first woman. I leave.

I drive the 6 miles (I have 15 minutes left) to get Perla. Perla is expecting her dad to pick her up, not me. Perla doesn’t speak much English. I forgot my mom’s id badge, which would get me through the gate. Press the intercom button. Explain why I’m there. Am told I will not be permitted to enter and they will tell Perla I am there. There are 3 cars behind me now. I have to make them all back up before I can move away from the gate.

Ten minutes later. No Perla. I walk a quarter mile to the building lobby. She sees me and comes out. I tell her I am sorry I am late! (lo siento!) that they wouldn’t let me in. I point to my car. Oh my god, she says.

We finally get to my car. Drive home. She’s tired and falls asleep after telling me my houseplants are beautiful and she had many houseplants in Mexico.

Once we are home I have other difficult stuff to deal with. It’s now 1am. I’m still awake. I am both proud of myself and disappointed that I did not murder anyone, nor did I cry.

I attempt to repot my parlor palms. Purl the kitten decides I need help by trying to eat them. When I get him away from the palms, he goes for my avocado seedling. I’m not any happier about his second choice.

I’m just done. But I’m also still annoyed with the whole day and I can’t calm enough to get sleepy.

I wish I had something to clean right now. I could dust, but dusting doesn’t make me happy. It’s just gross. My brain is running rampant and there’s really nothing that needs doing.

I could turn the light back on and knit. I could also take a klonopin and try to sleep. This is exactly what they are for.

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