Textbooks Have Been Acquired

I drove down to CoC this afternoon and picked up the rest of my textbooks. It was a lot easier than my trip to AVC yesterday, but of course I forgot to pick up my parking permit so I guess when the semester starts I’ll have to go in a bit early and pick it up.

I currently have $700 in textbooks on my bed. What does $700 of college textbooks look like? Honestly like a scary glimpse at all the stuff I’m going to stuff my brain with over the next few months. It’s also surprisingly free books.

The book with the wire binding is my lab text and the cheapest at about $80. The other three texts were each about $180. Not pictured is my digital rental which was about $45 and two supplementary texts I bought off ebay for $20 together.

I also realized after getting all my books home that most of them will not fit in a 1″ binder, which is what I had previously purchased, so I had so order some 1.5″ binders on top of that.

So many small expenses keep adding up but I’m still incredibly grateful for the people that purchased my wishlist items to help me with school supplies.

The new semester is only a few weeks from starting and to be honest, at this point, I’m nervous as all hell. I’m taking on a very heavy course load, what with full time status and taking the Spanish class on top of that. But either I’m going to just scrape by, or I’ll kick ass and depending on which it is will tell me if I’m still going to enter the MLT program next Fall or if I need to delay a year. Obviously I want to have good grades through all of my work, especially if I decide to continue on to the next level and go for the 4-year degree.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. One day at a time, one class, one assignment. I’m going to make it through this and come out on top.

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