• This Is A Nice Model

    Some guy took my photo, photoshopped it, and sent it back to me. I died laughing. Funniest thing all night last night.

  • Room Progress Day 3

    My bedroom is almost as good as its going to get. Once the floor is done in the other room, I can put the yarn that’s currently in my closet away, and the stuff on top of the Cedar chest can go into the closet.

    Ideally I would also like to find a smaller desk.

    I did a lot today in terms of purging things and it felt pretty good.

  • Room Progress Day 2

    Things are looking a bit better now. Part off the bed is exposed as is about half the floor.

    Next step is to get my dresser in here and put the bags of clothes away.

  • Room Progress Day 1

    90% of my possessions (minus games and instruments) and no where to put them.

  • Stay Calm

    Just stay calm!