Ugh. Mistakes Happen But…

I thought it was odd this morning that one of my accounts supposed to be payed off by the debt consolidation loan still wasn’t paid off. It’s been like a week since I signed the papers and money was set to disperse and my other two accounts were paid off. I checked my paperwork and my account numbers and found (surprise!) the bank paid off someone else’s account. That led to me spending two hours at the bank, and ultimately being told that the problem would be investigated and rectified within a week. I’m not entirely happy with that response but I guess its the best I can hope for right now. Hopefully the issue will be sorted before my next payment is due because I can’t swing the loan payment plus paying on the credit card they messed up on at the same time. Until its sorted out and settled though, I feel like I’m going to be pulling my hair out.

I got home from that tedious time at the bank, and then Tracy told me she was at Kinetic Brewing Co with her husband and I decided to drive up the street and join them. I had two beers (they had two Imperial Stouts available as their guest beers) and right after I ordered the second one, Mattie joined us after work. He paid my tab and his and then we walked a bit of the farmer’s market, which resulted in me buying a bit of fresh fruit- plums, peaches, a grapefruit, and a cantaloupe, which were high in price but I like the idea of supporting local business.


Afterwards we came home and watched a little TV while I cooked dinner (game hens + stuffing + veggies) and then we ate. It was really good and filling. Dessert was the rest of the pumpkin cheesecake ice cream I bought several days ago at Baskin Robbins and I watched Scream Queens, which Mattie declared stupid. I still haven’t gotten to schedule my lesson with the music store, and haven’t gotten to practice my ukulele as much as I’d like to lately.

I’m planning on working on my blanket this evening and hopefully finishing the current round and getting started on the next new color transition. I keep telling myself if I do one round a day I will have it finished in time for Christmas. That doesn’t sound like much but as it gets bigger, even one round will become time consuming if i intend to make it king-sized.

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