So Thursday I met with my Department of Rehab counselor and she gave me some great news. She said they could off-set home of the cost for up to four Spanish classes by buying the textbooks! This is such a boon for me!

We also worked out the costs for what the DoR will cover for the next semester in terms of fees, books, and parking, so now I just need to check back with the office in a week or so and see what’s going on with my textbooks. Squeeee! I’m so fucking excited though!

I talked to Nikki a couple nights ago and she commented that it’s great to see me so happy and excited about actual life. Made me laugh, but she’s right. I feel like I have purpose again and it’s thrilling.

I also received a human anatomy study aid / coloring and activity book in the mail today from a kind near-stranger and it’s way better than I expected. It looks like it’s going to be a really good resource for me.

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