When Packing Items to Ship…

Take Goodwill’s example! It took me ten minutes to unbox this but I’m glad because it meant my item was safe and well-protected during shipping.

This is a huge box. If it was thicker I could fit our 85 pound dog inside it.
Tons of packing paper. The pile I pulled out was bigger than the dog.
Bubble wrap. They did not skimp on you.
More bubble wrap and a second box to protect the body. I’m liking this a lot!
Finally unwrapped. Missing the nut and parts of 2 tuning heads.
Missing the saddle and bridge pins… and strings of course.
She’s pretty but the remains of that “HELLO My Name Is” sticker have got to go!

There’s some nasty scratches on the side of the lower body and a few chips in the finish of the headstock, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it.

Replacement parts ran me about $80 + tax, but according to the reviews I read, once the parts are replaced I’ll have a pretty nice guitar. I’m looking forward to putting it together and learning to play it though it’ll be about a week before the parts and strings get here. I’ll probably sign up for a group class at Guitar Center to help myself get a feel for things.

And believe me when I say I am done buying instruments for now! Hopefully for a while! hehe


    • Deb

      I fell in love with the artwork even though I have no idea how to play guitar. But I can learn and even if I fail at it, its so pretty to look at! I should have the replacement parts early next week so it won’t be too long. 🙂

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